Rental of moving floor trailers

For our clients, we provide trailer rental on favorable terms. Our trailers will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. It is worth renting them from our company, because they are:

  • products from reputable producers,
  • all operational repairs are on our side,
  • the ability to adapt products to customer requirements,
  • flexible lease term,
  • fixed fee without additional unexpected costs,
  • attractive prices.

Please contact us for more information.

We offer our clients a choice of several different models, including trailers for rent by brands such as Knapen, Kraker and Stas. Among them there are standard models for rear and side loading and those with movable floors.

The semi-trailer rentals we provide are a variety of products that allow you to find the right goods for the transport of specific goods. We know very well that the purchase of such a model is associated with very high costs, which for many companies are simply not profitable. That is why we run our rentals, it is a great opportunity for companies providing transport services. This solution allows you to adjust the type of trailer to the transported goods. If a company currently needs models with a moving floor and Leak Prooof technology, it can rent them, and after the end of the lease, change the model to another one, adapted to the current transport needs.

Rental of moving floor trailers is an excellent solution that is not only economical, but also significantly facilitates everyday work. Most of the models are made of aluminum in order to obtain the lowest possible weight, but at the same time not to yield under the pressure of the goods. However, this is not their only advantage, because they are also stable and durable, so they do not tip over even when exposed to strong winds.